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So We, not So-Me

Social media doesn’t encourage thoughtful connection.

Intention > Attention

We foster genuine participation, not scrolling, liking, and showing off. Spend time together when it fits into life.

Conversations > Content

With text-based platforms, you don’t get to know each other. Posts are like ads of people’s lives. Talking is real.

Being > Buying

We don’t sell ads or user data, so you can focus on building relationships, not interruptions. You are not the product.

Work with us.

Build the future of community. Reach out if you'd like to contribute your skills, networks, or resources.

Laure X Cast
Founder & CEO

I have been working on communication and collaboration tech for over ten years and is a community builder for life. I'm a product strategist, researcher, and learning addict. If you think you could contribute vital skills to our small startup team, please reach out anytime!


We are different.

We work with a common purpose, to foster belonging. Research shows belonging is developed through frequent positive interaction in ongoing relationships with people who care about us. We need technology to bridge the gap between real life interaction and loneliness, not to widen it.

Our Core Values

We are inclusive.

We respect each others’ perspectives and experiences. We look for ways to serve our communities. We don’t assume the majority matters most.

We take personal responsibility.

We look for how we can make a difference and produce amazing work. We don’t blame others. We reveal our own perspectives and recognise we have our own experiences.

We value learning over being right.

We operate with a growth mindset. We question assumptions. We share what we learn clearly and widely.

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